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22 Beach Wedding Ideas That’ll Make You Want To Say ‘I Do’ In The Sand.

We know you've dreamt of it, many people have of a wedding on the beach. Doesn't it just sound beautiful? Walking down an aisle of flower petals on the sand, seeing your soon to be husband in front of a beautiful view of the ocean. Getting married to the soothing sound of the waves clashing into each other.

It's a wedding setting that's easy to fantasize about but not always so easy to achieve. People may have difficulties trying to figure out how to decorate the thing.

But don't give up and hire a designer or wedding planner! A lot of successful beach weddings have a lot of DIY work incorporated into them. Take a look at a few tips and ideas we've got for you below.

#1. Shell Bouquet

If you're not all into flowers anyways, try opting out the traditional flower bouquet for a seashell bouquet! Walk down the aisle holding a cluster of bivalve blooms.

#2. Wavy Wedding Cake

If you don't want to go the obvious route by decorating your wedding cake with seashells and anchors, take the subtle route like touches of ocean blue.

Wavy Wedding Cake

Jami Plummer / Sugar Baby Specialty Cakes

#3. Ceviche Shell Dish

Turn a huge seashell into a plate for a special dish. This can be for an appetizer like ceviche or anything else.

#4. Grass Skirt Garlands

Decorate a bamboo arch at your wedding Polynesian-style. Create these garlands yourself out of grass skirts!

#5. Beach Balls

Instead of throwing flower petals or rice as the bride and groom come walking down the aisle, provide beach balls to throw instead! They can be big or small, your choice.

Beach Balls

Sarah Bussey

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