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22 Beach Wedding Ideas That’ll Make You Want To Say ‘I Do’ In The Sand.

#6. Creative Guest Book

Instead of signing a traditional guest book, stick to the theme and have you guest leave you messages in a bottle. After the wedding, you can compile all the messages into a book if you'd like.

Creative Guest Book

Kirsten Julia

#7. Goodie Bags

Provide welcome bags for your guests containing sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses, and any other beach-worthy item you can think of.

Goodie Bags

#8. Seashell Terrarium Centerpieces

For an easy centerpiece, fill up terrariums with sand, shells and coral! You can use fishbowls or vases as your terrariums.

Seashell Terrarium Centerpieces

Maura Mcevoy

#9. Shabby Chic

If you don't want to decorate with a nautical theme, try going for shabby chic and vintage-inspired decorations. Trust us, it looks amazing for beach ceremonies!

Shabby Chic

#10. Shoes Optional

Nobody wants to wear their heels in the sand. Don't put your female guests through that. Instead, give them the option to go barefoot on the sand.

Shoes Optional

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