By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Great White Shark Was Stranded, Now Watch What The Beachgoers Do At 0:28.

This week, we showed you an incredible story about an amazing dog who saved a porpoise from being stranded on the shore. Now, there's another amazing story of a sea creature being stranded, only this time, it's the most feared creature in the sea: the great white shark.

The 7-foot great white shark got stranded on a beach in Chatham, Massachusetts. Experts say he was trying to catch seagulls on the sandbar and got stranded when the tide went out. Though it would have been understandable for passersby to be too terrified to take action, what happened next was incredible.

Thanks to the harbor master and beach-goers, this shark was saved. Hopefully he'll keep that in mind the next time he sees them swimming.

Watch this happy shark as he gets a belly rub.

Source: Mike Bartel