By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Bear Sleeping Bag Will Scare Away Your All Winter Blues.

The days are getting shorter and shorter, which means it's time for us humans to enter into full-blown hibernation mode. And what better way to hibernate than by taking cues from the hibernation expert, the bear? With this new sleeping bag, you'll not only be able to hibernate like a bear, you'll be able to look like one while doing it.

Created by Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa, the bear was created after Ishizawa heard about a bear that was hunted in the Alps in 2006. The artist wanted to play with the experience of inhabiting a wild animals body, while inspiring the wearer to blur the lines between fantasy and reality. The bottom line, though, is that this thing is epic.

This could be you, all snuggled up inside a bear suit.

How cuddly and warm does this look?

You can also use the suit to play a few tricks on people, because why wouldn't you?

It's basically a sleeping bag on a whole new level of badassery.

And for just over $2300, this amazing piece of winter wear could be yours.

If you start saving now, you should have enough extra cash to buy this for next winter.

Next, naughty Christmas gifts.

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