By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Bear Enjoying The Bath Of A Lifetime… It’s Epic!

Takoda is an American black bear that was discovered as a wild orphan in Montana. After his rescue, he was considered too much of a hazard to be released back into the wild because of his close interactions with humans. He has lived at the Oregon Zoo since November 2010.

With summer in full swing, the zoo posted a video of him enjoying a soak in his tub. At only thirty seconds long, it's one of most enjoyable clips to watch. Takoda tries his best to grab onto his floatable toys and is confused as to why he's unable to hang onto them. They just keep slipping away. Still, the black bear seems to really love the water.

According to statistics found on Defenders of Wildlife, black bears average about 2-3 feet at the shoulders in height and about 4-7 feet in length. The males weigh about 150-300 pounds while females typically weigh less. As you'll find in the video below, they're also extremely adaptable.

Fun fact: Takoda means "friend to all" in Sioux.

Source: Oregon Zoo