By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Baby Deer Makes Friends With A Baby Bear… A Real-Life Disney Movie Ensues.

Close your eyes and think for a minute: What's the cutest, most adorable image your brain can muster? Is it a kitten? Is it a basket full of puppies? Is it your own baby, romping around on the floor and smiling?

Well, whatever you chose, know this: Your baby is probably cute and all, but there is literally nothing cuter than the video you're about to see. No, nothing.

The footage depicts a tiny fawn being introduced to an equally tiny bear cub named Boog. We've got no explanation as to why these amazing people have both of these animals in their home, but it really doesn't matter. What does matter is that when two adorable animals meet for the first time, what occurs is a fuzzy, warm explosion of cuteness that almost feels like it's too much to bear. Think you can handle it? Check out the video below, and be warned: It's a whole lot of adorable to handle in one sitting.