By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Grew His Beard From Zero To Moses In 365 Days, LOL At The Video.

Growing a beard takes serious commitment. Most guys will call it off after a few weeks when their skin starts to itch or when they begin to realize their appearance starting to change dramatically. Other men will shave off the beard when they get tired of waiting for their desired length to grow in or lack the fundamental knowledge of beard care including waxes and other products to keep the look well-groomed.

One man named Justin Basl accepts the challenge to grow out a beard for one full year. Along the way, he snaps selfies every day to capture the transition from clean-shaven to mountain man. The great thing about this time-lapse video is that men everywhere can enjoy a beard vicariously through Basl.

This guy has the most famous beard in the world and he uses it to help children.

Source: Rumble Viral