By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Beardless Dudes Get Fake Facial Hair, And It Changes Their World.

Some men have been hiding a secret. As it turns out, it’s not just women who have hair envy; those that have curly hair tend to desire straight locks and those with bone straight hair want to feel the bounce of curls on their heads. The fellows also desire what their male friends have, except it’s all about wanting facial hair.

Three men are frustrated they do not have the abundance and consistency to grow a full beard. The participants are confident enough to admit they suffer from the case of beard envy. Lili Kaytmaz, is these guys’ fairy godmother. The makeup artist has made beards made from human hair for the three to experience what it’s like to have a hairy face.

The reactions in the video are quite hilarious and surprising; particularly what it does to their self-esteem. The true test however, comes when they reveal their new looks to their family and friends.

Have you seen glitter beards?

Source: BuzzFeedVideo