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10+ Reasons California Is The Most Beautiful State In The USA.

Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

From southern to northern, and everything in between, California has plenty to offer tourists from all walks of life. And we're not just referring to the Golden Gate Bridge or Disneyland alone. What? You think we're lying? Then check these places out.

In Northern California, you can find unique things in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, like Fern Canyon. It has 50-foot-high walls, where several types of fern, native to California grow. Since the canyon has a primeval motif, it's often used to film movies that have dinosaurs in them.

But if you're the kind of tourist that loves rock-climbing, then this is where you should go next.

Seven Teacups, Sequoia National Forest

Seven Teacups, Sequoia National Forest

Geology Of The World And The Environment

Along the Dry Meadow Creek, you'll find the Seven Teacups Canyon, which is popular with canyoners from all over because of its unique formation. Although the climb up can be challenging, the way down through the waterfall can be fun, especially if you use an inflatable raft.

You might have seen this town from an HBO series, but there's more here than people who are filthy rich.

Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur

Near Big Sur's post office, you'll find Pfeiffer Beach, which is one of Northern California´s hidden gems. The beach offers challenging rock formations, including one with a keyhole that is so Instagram worthy. But you might enjoy the eroded crystals of garnet that have formed purple streaks on the sand.

Your next destination is not your typical California beach experience.

Pismo Beach Sand Dunes, Oceano

The Sahara Desert dunes pale in comparison to the sand dunes along Pismo Beach. They're created by the tides too. But the cool part of this spot is that the compact and solid sand allows you to drive on the beach almost till you reach the water.

If you're looking for the place with the most snow, then California has a lake for you.

Lake Helen, Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lake Helen can be found south of Northern California's Lassen Peak. It's named after the first woman to reach the peak in 1884, Helen Tanner Brodt. But the lake is located at such a high altitude that you will only see it unfrozen every year in September and that's it.

If you believe the hardest places to get are also the most beautiful, then you'll definitely want to head here.

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