By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

33 Stunning Photos Capture The Beauty Of The World’s Most Amazing Piers.

There are thousands of piers in the world, both large and small, some of them privately owned and others housing legendary public attractions. Piers are pretty amazing, both in design, construction, and the views you get when you're looking out from the end of one -- and this list contains some of the most beautiful piers in the entire world.

Below are a collection of the worlds longest, most popular, and peculiar piers on the world. Some of them stand as tourist attractions today, while others have been official closed to preserve what remains of the past. We never thought that "pier-hunting" would be a vacation goal, but after seeing these images, we just might start making a list.

Atlantic City Steel Pier is 1,000 feet long and just across the Boardwalk from all the sights of Atlantic City. The pier was built in 1898, and has been a great place for gamblers to go contemplate and relax -- hopefully not after losing all of their money at the casinos, of course.

Ryde Pier is located on the Isle of Wight, and it's the world's oldest seaside pier. Opened in 1814, the pier stands strong today -- so strong, in fact, that you can drive down at and park at the end.

Southend Pier in Southend-on-Sea in Essex, is the longest pier in Europe. It's 2.16 km long, extending far out into the Thames Estuary. The pier was originally built of wood, but then replaced with iron in 1889.

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