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14 Weird Beauty Procedures That Prove Your Grandmother Would Try ANYTHING.

#8. The Cape of Horrors

Sunscreen wasn't invented until the mid 1940's, but beach-goers still had to find a way to protect their skin from harsh rays. Sure, no one knew much about skin cancer back then, but a lot of people were preoccupied with preventing freckles. The solution? This cape, which not only prevented skin damage, but will also be the star of the next season of American Horror Story.

The Cape of Horrors

#9. The Medusa Machine

Hairstyles in the 30's and 40's predominantly focused on tight, lustrous curls. To achieve this affect, women would spend hours with their hair in these machines, hoping that the machine didn't come alive and lift them off the ground entirely. Fun fact: Many hair salons in Japan and Korea still use this technique!

The Medusa Machine

Everett collection / Re

#10. The Surprisingly Unsettling Fruit Mask Made of Actual Fruit

Years ago, there weren't a lot of fruit-infused products on the market. The solution? Put actual fruit on your face at the salon. We hope that this woman could breath - and we hope she eventually found out that lemons are no good of your skin.

The Surprisingly Unsettling Fruit Mask Made of Actual Fruit

#11. The 'Glamour Bonnet'

Though it might have been called the Glamour Bonnet, there is nothing glamourous about this spooky situation. Apparently, the mask was intended to give you a rosy complexion by lowering atmospheric pressure around your head. This seems like a recipe for some long-term brain damage - but at least you'll have a natural glow to go with it!

The 'Glamour Bonnet'

London Media

#12. The Skin Sucker

Popping your own zits has never been a good idea. What about a machine to suck your zits right out of the skin? Seems like a good idea in theory, but: these nozzles are made of glass, and the pressure from the machine difficult to control. In other words, it might suck out your zits - and the rest of your skin, too.

The Skin Sucker

London Media

#13. The Fifty Shades of Please, Make It Stop.

This is a photo of two women wearing rubber "beauty masks," intended to tighten the skin. This photo exists, and if you are looking at it, it's okay to cry.

The Fifty Shades of Please, Make It Stop.

#14. The Hellraiser Hangover Mask

Do you remember the movie Hellraiser, and how the villain in that film had dozens of pins sticking out of his face? Well, this ‘Hangover Heaven’ face pack is reminiscent of that, except with ice cubes instead of pins. It was also invented by Max Factor, and the cubes on the mask could be filled with water, frozen, and applied to your hungover, puffy face. Though this look might give us the willies, one thing is for sure: This is the best idea ever and you need to acquire this mask right now (or at least by next Saturday morning).

The Hellraiser Hangover Mask

London Media


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