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Beauty Pageant Winners On The Catwalk Vs Real Life.

#6. Kaiane Aldorino (Gibraltar)

From sitting on her throne as Miss World in 2009 to hanging out in the park.

Kaiane Aldorino (Gibraltar)

#7. Azra Akin (Turkey)

From glowing with radiance while dolled up as Miss World in 2002 to giving the same bright smile with barely any makeup on.

Azra Akin (Turkey)

Azra Akin

#8. Leila Lopes (Angola)

From looking fierce as Miss Universe 2011 to hanging with friends in her flannel.

Leila Lopes (Angola)

Miss Universe, Leila Lopes

#9. Olivia Culpo (USA)

From receiving flowers on stage as Miss Universe 2012 to receiving flowers offstage in her overalls.

Olivia Culpo (USA)

AFP Photo Joe Klamar, Olivia Culpo

#10. Natalie Glebova (Canada)

From smiling with pride as the new Miss Universe in 2005 to smiling with love with her baby daughter.

Natalie Glebova (Canada)

Rex, Natalie Glebova

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