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20 Totally Weird Spa Treatments That Will Creep You Out, Except #13… That’s Awesome.

Today, people seem to jump through endless hoops in the quest for beauty: There's always another cream to buy, beauty regimen to try, or specialist to give you advice on how to be your most beautiful self. While it might seem like the endless quest for beauty is nothing but vanity, it's nothing new: Beauty rituals have been part of the human experience for thousands of years.

And since beauty-seekers in the past had limited access to technology, sometimes their beauty tricks would get downright weird. Below are 20 totally bizarre beauty rituals from throughout the ages: #9 is truly terrifying.

#1. Portuguese Urine Mouthwash

The ancient Romans used the urine of Portuguese people, as they believed it was more potent than Roman urine. The ammonia in urine is actually a disinfectant, and was used as the main ingredient in mouthwash until the 19th century.

Portuguese Urine Mouthwash

#2. Ancient Egyptian Gel

The Egyptians used hair made of animal fats, which was surprisingly effective Naturally, this type of hair styling made everyone smell pretty gross.

#3. Ancient Greek Crocodile Bath

Ancient Greeks and Romans used to bathe in crocodile excrement and warmed mud. They believe the combination of the feces and the mud kept their skin looking youthful.

#4. Chinese Foot Binding

Foot binding became popular throughout China during the Tang Dynasty. It was a barbaric beauty ritual: Girls between 4 and 6 had all toes (except the big toe) broken. Then the foot is bound to stop it from growing, because small feet were seen as ideal.

#5. White Lead Facials

During the Age of Enlightenment, people used white lead, calcium carbonate and hydroxide on their skin to whiten it. Unsurprisingly, the method proved to be quite harmful to the skin over time.

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