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This Town Looks Like Bedrock City From ‘The Flintstones,’ And It’s Awesome.

Alongside the famous Route 66 in the Arizona desert resides the Bedrock City amusement park. The theme park has been entertaining visitors who grew up loving The Flintstones since it opened in 1972. This location was perfect for tourists passing by on their way to the Grand Canyon.

For $5 per person entry fee, people are taken to the prehistoric world of Hanna-Barbera where dinosaurs were the household pets instead of dogs and cats. The colorful stucco buildings takes us all back to our favorite Saturday morning cartoon. The 30-acre theme park is open to the public everyday of the year except Christmas day.

The family-owned theme park is up for sale. The asking price is $2 million.

The theme park also has a gift shop, RV park, campground, and a convenience store on 30 acres.

The prehistoric car takes tourists for a ride on the 30-acre park.

Imagine getting your shopping done at Bedrock's grocery store.

You will not find real dinosaurs in this petting zoos. Goats, however, are around.

A peek into Bedrock City's school.

The theater plays Flintstones cartoons all day long.

If you're ever in the area, be sure to stop by. You'll have a yabba dabba doo time.

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Source: mlhradio