By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

12 Creative Designs Ideas For Your Bedroom. #5 Is The Most Unique Nightstand Ever.

Your bedroom is arguably the most important room in the house. It's the place you go to get away from it all, unwind, and relax. It's also the place where you sleep, which is undoubtedly the most gloriously wonderful portion of every 24-hour period.

Because your bedroom is so important, it's crucial to make it a space that you really love. In other words, before you go DIYing your kitchen or bathroom, you should give your bedroom the DIY TLC that it deserves. These 12 projects will upgrade your sacred sleep chamber in no time - in fact, they might even give you an excuse to spend even more time snoozing.

#1. Give your crib - or your own bed - a little extra privacy.

In a baby's room, a crib with a canopy can help the baby sleep through changes of light throughout the day. In a kid's room, this awesome DIY canopy can be used as a little fort in a play area. And in your room, it can be a fun way to add visual interest - and the feeling of sleeping like royalty - to your bed.

#2. Or, try a different kind of canopy that would work better in smaller rooms.

Not everyone has the space or the taste for a full canopy, and this slightly different version of a bedroom canopy will appeal. By hanging sheer fabric from the ceiling and down behind the headboard, you give the illusion of your bed having a canopy without taking up all the extra space.

#3. Sew a customized DIY burlap pillow.

Pillows like these can run into the hundreds of dollars, and you don't need to spend that kind of cash when you've got an awesome and simple DIY like this. These pillows have two amazing aspects: One, they are made from burlap, which is a popular and trendy material. Two, you can use fabric paint to monogram the pillow with whatever name or title you want.

#4. Nail down a tufted headboard.

Tufted headboards are the ultimate bedroom luxury, and they can upgrade a room from plain-Jane to fancy by their mere presence. If you've got time and patience, you can make one yourself with an old headboard, foam mattress topper, fabric, buttons, and glue. It's not an easy project, but the results will certainly pay off.

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