This German Shepherd And His BFF Have The CUTEST Bedtime Routine.

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Putting kids to bed is a challenging feat that most parents dread on a daily basis. Despite having spent the day at school, going to extra-curricular activities, children seem to have an endless amount of energy that allows them to fight going to sleep.

A German Shepherd named Baron is giving parents a lesson on how to execute the perfect bedtime routine. In the video, Baron helps four-year old Alexander pick up his toys, joins in the night prayers, and gently pulls the cover to tuck the child in. As Alexander enjoys nighttime reading, Baron simply lies on top of him.

Alexander’s mom Linda Gonzalez is the founder and owner of Hill Country K-9, a dog training school. Baron knows how to make coffee, clean windows, and load the dishwasher. It may not be kids fault that bedtime is tough. Based on Baron’s example, it could very well be that it’s the adults that need to be trained properly.

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