By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Life Before Dogs Vs Life After Dogs… In 9 Hilarious Accurate Comics.

Life is never the same after you get a dog. Staying home and playing video games is no longer an option. It’s all about loving and being loved by the furry animal, so much more than a pet but a companion, confidant and all-round pal who's always ready to have fun. Illustrator John Huang has made sketches that show just how much his life has changed since his Golden Retriever, Maimai, became part of his life.

Based on these illustrations, Maimai is a handful. The canine, with the help of another pup and a cat, gets into plenty of mischief. He chews phone cables and stuffies, scratches the car, and attempts to eat his human’s dinner. Despite all the hard work he gives Huang, we are pretty sure he wouldn’t trade it for the world and no one he'd rather have by his side than Maimai.

Coming home from a long day at work.

Lifespan Of Your Electronics

The status of all of your possessions.

Car rides.

What your meals are like now.

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