By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

Life Before Facebook Is Perfectly Summed Up In 22 HILARIOUS Tweets.

Whether or not you have a personal Facebook page, you hear about it (and many other social media sites) all the time.

Mark Zuckerberg, together with his friends and roommates, originally founded the site in 2004 for Harvard students. They later expanded its user base to those in the Boston area, and finally, in 2006, opened it up to the public (or at least those aged 13 and up).

Facebook has since grown to become crucial for businesses as a virtual place for networking and advertising. There are many ways to look at its effects.

On the one hand, it can be extremely frustrating to think about how impersonal and passive aggressive our relationships have become. On the other hand, despite the flood of unnecessary posts, we do gain some exposure to worthwhile things — from updates in our social circles to live coverage of local, national, and even international news stories.

Below you'll find some humorous #BeforeFacebook from Twitter that were inspired by a recent segment on the @midnight show with Chris Hardwick.

A segment on @midnight with Chris Hardwick has inspired netizens to reflect on life before Facebook.

And so many of them are posting about this guy.

Miss being able to post a song on your page?

Remember crossing your fingers hoping you'd sign on successfully?

And before that, you did stuff like this.

Facebook has made some things in our lives a lot easier...

It's helped you remember some important dates.

But now you know how poorly people spell.

In many ways, it's tapped into some of our worst fears...

...and tainted our relationships.

Our Newsfeeds our packed with so many things that they're almost impossible to filter.

Can you imagine?

The truth hurts.

Haven't you heard?

Some perspective:

And if you want to get technical...

And lastly, you can't deny this one.

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