Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

The Worst Travel Trend Of All Time: Begpacking

#6. Begpacking is catching fast among Ukranian travelers who have pulled all the stops to continue hitchhiking around the world.

Some people aren’t buying the stereotype of a ridiculously pampered and privileged westerner asking locals for cash in countries where people can barely make ends meet. But judging from this young and healthy begpacker’s signs, that seems to be the case here.

#7. But not everyone who’s claiming to be a begpacker on the streets is actually doing it to continue their travels. Some folks are simply using it to get people’s attention.

Some of them are plain old scammers. This woman started begging for cash next to her child, claiming her husband had abandoned them. But only a few days later, the husband shows up and joins them. They clearly have no shame if they’re willing to expose their child like that.

#8. This traveler’s dream is to visit Phi Phi Island, but instead of saving enough cash to visit, he’s asking you to quit your own travel dreams and sponsor his.

If you’re going to travel the world, the least you can do is work your butt off and save enough cash to do so without expecting people to pick up the tab for you. Other people have their own bucket lists and places they want to visit, but they don’t go around asking people to pay for their trips.

#9. This known scammer is still at large. She's pulling the same old scam around different areas, even though people have reported her several times in Penang, Malaysia.

It’s easy to understand why the locals feel like screaming, “get out of my country” in unison when they run into begpackers who will go to any lengths to scam people.

#10. Here’s another example of a begpacker shamelessly asking for money in Hong Kong.

Understandably, this whole phenomenon is causing great concern to the locals who run into them on the streets. While some folks are quick to judge them, others refuse to jump on the “begpackers hate train”.

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