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10 Toxic Behaviors That Will Ruin A Relationship.

Relationships are not easy. You may have love and animal-like passion towards each other but that is not enough to sustain a long, happy, and satisfied partnership. There are so many factors that can make or break a union.

Those seeking to find their soulmate often times focus on the external and superficial elements like good looks, nice body, and a good paying career. Not to say this is not important but it is not enough.

Every person comes with their own personalities and set of ideas. It’s hard to look within ourselves to recognize our shortcomings. It’s even more difficult to change, particularly, when this is the person you have been as long as you can remember. Nonetheless, here are behaviours that can definitely break your relationship, regardless how much in love you are.

#1. Ghosts of Relationships' Past.

Bringing the baggage from previous relationships will eventually seep into your new one. Deal with whatever has happened in order to move on and really have a shot in your new partnership.

Ghosts of Relationships' Past.

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#2. Be trustworthy.

You can say all the wonderful things your partner expects but if he or she does not trust you, then your words and actions do not mean anything. You need to ask yourself why you're not trusted and begin a process of redemption and change.

Be trustworthy.


#3. Eye Contact.

Regardless of the type of relationship you have, communication is important and part of that is eye contact. Looking at the person in the eye confirms you are present, listening, and engaged. Avoiding something so basic means you are checked out but too cowardly to admit it.

Eye Contact.

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#4. Stop whining.

Nothing is ever good enough and you are more than willing to point out all the thing your partner does wrong. You are not perfect and this constant complaining not only becomes a habit, it's a destructive one as well.

Stop whining.

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#5. Don't forget to celebrate.

You found each other and some people spend a lifetime doing that without success. Celebrate your love and life together. It's not corny, it's showing joy at being in each other's lives.

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