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Concerned Father Found A Tattoo On His 9 Year-Old Son… What It Said Hit Me VERY Hard.

A Redditor named IsThatMyRemedy posted a photo of something he noticed on his nine-year-old son, and the Internet basically went crazy.

The user's son, who has dyslexia, had written an inspirational message on his arm that was adorably misspelled. The message read, "Belv in yourself."

Within a few hours of posting, the photo began to get flooded with inspiring and emotional comments from other Redditors. One user actually shared his own experiences with dyslexia:

I'm dyslexic and have my masters degree, you’re damn sure I believed in myself because the majority of people didn’t. I still struggle with spelling every day and it is embarrassing as hell but I still push through. Be proud of your son and tell him every damn day. That’s what got me through it all. Thanks mom and dad.

Check out the little boy's DIY tattoo below.

One Redditor even submitted this awesome artwork to correspond with the little boy's message.

We hope you all take time to belv in yourself today.

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Source: GetMotivated