By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

DIY Backyard Project That Will Take Your Fire Pit To The Next Level.

A backyard fire pit greatly improves any outdoor party - especially if you've got some cool seating for your guests to lounge on. One builder by the name of Joshua decided that instead of spending a ton of money on a fire pit bench, he would build one himself. Joshua had full creative control over this project from beginning to end, and his hard work definitely paid off: What he created is simple to follow, and totally gorgeous.

Want to learn how he did it? Check out his step-by-step process below. By the time Joshua is finished, you'll hopefully be making the supply list to create your own. Don't forget the awesome throw pillows - and the beer, of course.

At the begining, Joshua wanted to make a bench that would fully encapsulate his fire pit. However, he realized that a bench like that would be too big for his space, so he decided to make a bench on just one side of the pit.

The construction of this bench took about two days, including the initial trip to Home Depot. His cost for supplies? A mere $125. Joshua claimed that similar benches for sale were around the $2000 range.

To begin, Joshua framed out the bench exactly as it would stand next to the fire pit.

He was working on top of grass, which is uneven and can lead to faulty measurements. To remedy this problem, he put flat pieces of wood under the bench to keep it steady.

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