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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Fancy Benches That Are Almost Too Good To Sit On.

#6. Soft Bench by Lucile Soufflet, France

It may look like an average standard bench at first glance, but take a second look and you'll notice that there's a slight curve on one of the seats. It looks like it's perfect for holding objects and (more importantly) naps!

#7. Bench by Alleswirdgut Architektur, Luxembourg

A cool little hangout for a large or small group. Definitely a bench I could see myself lounging on for hours.

#8. Creative Park Bench, Massachusetts

A bench designed for great comfort and potential naps! But the best part is that it lights up at night time.

Creative Park Bench, Massachusetts

Sheila Kennedy

#9. Bus Stop Bench

Some bus stops just aren't clear about what exactly they are. No one would ever mistaken this bus stop for anything else than what it is!

#10. El Poeta Bench by Alfredo Häberli, Barcelona

It's one long platform that acts both as a seat and table at the same time. The perfect bench to come to when you want to have a sit-down meal or have some work you need to do.

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