By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Reflection In These Mirrors Shows A Truth That Some People Find Uncomfortable.

When you see a soldier in his or her uniform, it's easy to conjure up ideas about what their lives are like. Seeing them in dress blues, fatigues, and combat attire can give the impression that they are larger-than-life heroes, completely invincible from the effects of the actual work they have to do. And while they definitely are heroes, the reality of a soldier's situation after returning home is often a far cry from the "Army Strong" stereotype of the proud, tough-as-nails, unrelenting patriot.

For many soldiers, returning home from active duty is a challenge, if only because they have to find a way to reconcile the two parts of their lives: The soldier, and the civilian. This experience is what inspired the Veteran Art Project, a photo series that tries to convey parts of the veteran's experience that are often overlooked.

The project was created by Devin Mitchell, a student at Arizona State University. He takes two images: One of the subject in their military uniform, and the other in their regular clothing. Using Photoshop to combine the two, Mitchell's photos send a powerful message about the reality of life as a returning soldier - some of these will really make you think.

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