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This Mom Turns Her Kid’s Lunch Into A Work Of Art, And It’s Too Good To Eat.

Each day, thousands of Japanese parents send their children off to school with homemade bento lunch boxes. In Japanese, bento art is called キャラ弁 , and it's a popular tradition that involves turning food into tiny edible works of art.

One Filipino mom, Nikki Garcia, loves this style of art. She also loves making her kids' lunches, so getting into bento art seemed only natural. Garcia combines her appreciation for the Japanese art form with her desire to encourage her kids to eat healthy. See her amazing bento-inspired meals below.

Bento 31 snack 😉 simple pleasures • • • hazelnut spread on whole wheat, Mandarine orange and red grapes

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Bento 17 👀 We ❤️ #Elmo • • • grape jelly on whole wheat, Egg Nog cookies, Bread pan and red grapes

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Japanese artist Mari Miyazawa plays with her food. Like, a lot. As a parent, she sent off her kids with homemade bento lunches, that much is normal; but where Miyazawa differs from most mothers is that her bento creations are works of art.

They’ve been featured in photo exhibitions and on TV shows in Japan and abroad. You’ve probably seen bento art before, but Miyazawa is maybe the most prolific and skilled of the many bento artists out there.

Bento art is called キャラ弁 in Japanese, a combination of the word for “character” and “bento,” and Miyazawa is a master at creating different characters using lunchtime materials.

Source: Nikki M Bento