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25 Of The Funniest ‘Who Wore It Better?’ Photos On The Internet.

It's hard not to be compared to someone else in this day and age. People get compared to their siblings, to their peers, to their friends, and to strangers all the time. One of the many reasons we may get compared to someone else is our fashion choices. It is not uncommon for two individuals to coincidentally wear the same outfit. But such an incident happening always leaves everyone else with one question: who wore it better?

Today we explore that exact question with many different outfits. Who wore the pants better, Justin Bieber or the baby? Who wore the hoodie better, Lil Wayne or E.T.? You be the judge.

#1. The Weeknd or This Cat-Man?

I never noticed it before, but the Weeknd's hair really does resemble a black cat!

#2. Taraji P. Henson or This Broken iPhone?

I've always wondered where she drew inspiration from for her dress, now I know.

Taraji P. Henson or This Broken iPhone?

#3. Highlighter Marker or The Teacher?

This is the highlight of the school year.

#4. Lady Gaga or This Patio Heater?

I think the work on the heater was more precise than Gaga's dress.

Lady Gaga or This Patio Heater?

Neil Mockford

#5. Justin Bieber or This Baby?

Who forgot to change Justin's diaper?! Someone change it asap before it gets any droopier.

Justin Bieber or This Baby?

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