Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

17 People Who Gave It Their Best Shot At Easter.

Instead of cookies, this person got a gloopy mess.

Maybe that's what was in the trash can in our last picture.

This is cruel and unusual punishment.

Grapes are really delicious. But nobody wants to get excited about having a piece of chocolate, only to find out that they were getting grapes, instead.

This is cruel and unusual punishment.

These Easter bunnies have M&Ms as their centers.

What was supposed to be a delicious treat, turned into what looks like the aftermath of an exorcism.

We're not entirely sure what happened here.

They were trying to make an Easter bunny cake, but ended up having a cake with crooked eyes. Where exactly did they go wrong?

What was Walmart thinking?

Are they planning on decapitating the bunny for Easter dinner? The kids are going to be heartbroken.

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