By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These 29 Random GIFs Are Bizarrely Satisfying… I Feel Calmer For Watching Them.

When I was in college, I went through a phase where I could zone out to pretty much anything: Music, drum circles, a blank wall, the pattern on a pair of patchwork pants that smelled like patchouli. You name it, I could dig it.

Perhaps fortunately, gifs didn't really exist when I was in college. Sure, we had the primitive 8-bit gifs that people could share via AOL Instant Messenger (for you kids, that was the way we talked to each other about old-timey things when the telegraph systems were down.)

However, we didn't have gifs like the ones today, which range anywhere from high resolution loops of Beyonce falling over at a concert to an endless cycle of clouds forming over a body of water. These repetitive masterpieces would have had me missing all of my college classes, even the ones that started after lunch.

#1. Whoa, man.

#2. Totally nuts, bro.

#3. Killer clouds, dude.

#4. Far out.

#5. This is like, totally surreal.

#6. I was just saying that I....wait, what?

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