By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

The 25 Best Marriage Proposals Of All Time… The Photos Of #11 Made Me Cry.

The most exciting proposal I've seen live was a flash mob at Balboa Park in San Diego. Dozens of people were involved in a well-choreographed dance and the weather was perfect. Naysayers may judge these types of proposals as unnecessary and over-the-top, but I felt as though it matched the energetic couple well.

More recently, I happened to be walking through a local dog park when I saw a young man get down on one knee, causing his leading lady's jaw to drop. She nodded slowly, and brought him close for a tight embrace. I never learned what the story was behind this particular location, but no matter the reason, I found this intimate moment to be just as heartwarming as the first.

Below you'll find (a handful of) the best marriage proposals out there. Some required extreme planning - one took an entire year - while others work magic in their simplicity. It is a beautiful thing, I think, to see diversity in the ways people choose to express their love.

#1. Surprise Photobook Proposal

#2. Renaissance Festival Proposal

#3. First Home Together Proposal #1

#5. One man asked random New Yorkers to hand his girlfriend white roses. Toward the end of the trail, her close friends got involved. And at the very end...

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