Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

October Tweets That Got 10,000 Retweets In No Time At All.

This Tweet totally reminds us that there truly is someone for just about anyone.

Even Hannah, who's a total butterfly hater in her spare time has a shot, but that's only if she can stop nuking butterflies. No wonder she can't land a date to save her own life.

There's nothing sadder or more awkward then being the only one on someone's Instagram Live.

You realize you want to leave, but you can't because that would be so mean. Plus, imagine what it would feel like if someone did that to you? So, you decided to stay and experience the most awkward thing in your life.

Sometimes you just have to be a little selfish and sunbathe on the runway.

Who cares if it delays everyone else? She's so elegant as she's basking without a care in the world. But boy is that sea lion going to be upset when she finds out that they called her a seal in that article.

Sometimes you just have to be a little selfish and sunbathe on the runway.

Hands off mommy! Cause there's only enough room in daddy's heart for one girl and that's me!

The best way to pull off "When You Believe" is to pull off your wig and switch it with another.

It's like changing your thinking cap, especially when you're trying to really hit that note from one verse to another. It's truly awesome. No wonder people had tears in their eyes from laughing at this tweet.

The kid who returned $2000 and all he got was a lousy award and a photo with a cop.

We hope kids will learn from this example, so they can get real jobs, make some real money, and don't have to take cash from other people. But most of us would have admittedly kept the two grand.

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