Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

The World’s Best Drone Photos Of 2018.

Every year, SkyPixel gets inundated with incredible aerial drone shots from people from all over the world. Unlike conventional photography, aerial photography involves taking photos of something eye-catching from an elevated position. To get the perfect shot, most people use a chopper, balloons, kites, or drones. The images on this list were SkyPixel 2018 winners. Some of them were nominees, but they’re winners in our eyes and you’ll certainly agree with us once you take a look at their incredible shots. A lot of these images will bend your perception of reality and allow you to see the world in a radically different way.

“Red Train” Earns People’s Choice Prize

This red train passing through the snowy mountains in Switzerland will take your breath away!

“Mont Saint Michel” Is A Grand Prize Winner

This famous monastery looks otherworldly, magical, and beautiful. Anyone else getting a Camelot vibe?

“花瓣雨 “ Earns Third Place Win In The Fun Category

What a unique aerial shot! They look like flowers, but they’re actually geese gathering in the field.

“Flowers On The Water” Becomes First Prize Winner In Fun Category

Here’s a gorgeous shot of women washing water lilies, and then bundling them up to take to the market.

“Bagan” Is Second Prize Winner In Architecture Category

This enchanting shot of a sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar looks like it was taken right out of a storybook.

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