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This Groom And His Best Man Celebrated Their Bromance With A Photo Shoot

For more than ten years, John Taylor and Andy Pemberton have been best buddies, boasting the type of bromance that's usually reserved for off-the-wall comedies.

This past year, Taylor got engaged to a woman named Lisa, and there was no question that Pemberton would be part of the nuptials. However, these two best friends took it a step further than the usual groom/bestman schtick: Instead, they did a whole photoshoot, showcasing their deep and undying love for one another.

Instead of just one or two photos of the two of them shaking hands/hugging/bro'ing out, Taylor had the wedding photographer capture the two of them getting ready on the big day: Snuggled up in bed, taking a bro-bath, and just being amazingly ridiculous.

Seems like a normal groom/best man photo, right?

But then things start to get a little...intimate.

“[Our photographer] said she would be coming by to take a few photos, I told her that we may want to take a couple of ‘funny’ shots. I don’t think she realized that she would be photographing two naked blokes in twin bath tubs,” Taylor said in an interview.

Their photographer, Kate Byram, was a good sport about it: Even when she arrived and they opened the door in matching white bathrobes.

This is how the photoshoot began: Just two bros, casually spooning in bed.

“I normally take photographs of guys putting on their ties and button holes but they wanted something a lot less traditional and a lot more fun,” Byram said. “We were roaring with laughter through much of it."

Their epic bromance continued to the ceremony and the reception.

According to Taylor, his bride knew all along that Pemberton would be part of the deal.

The photographer also got some incredible, more traditional shots of the bride and groom.

We wish the happy couple the best -- or should we say, both the happy couples.

Source: buzzfeed

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