By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

‘Selfie Sticks’ Have Been Banned… This Company Has Come Up With An Ingenious Solution.

Shoe company Miz Mooz has just come up with a new footwear idea, one that is definitely going to change your selfie game.

In an attempt to solve one of life's most common problems - having normal person-sized arms and nowhere to put your selfie stick - Miz Mooz has come up with the Selfie Shoe, a fully dockable smartphone shoe with ports on each toe. All you have to do is load your phone into the toe of your shoe, kick your leg up into position, and start shooting. Check out the video below to see how this invention is going to upgrade everyone's selfie - pretty soon, these bad boys will be on feet everywhere.

Isn't it just the best idea ever? It's like the invention that you never knew you needed!

If you're clutching your chest, overwhelmed by the ridiculousness of humanity, you can relax: It's just the best prank ever. And hopefully after seeing this, no one gets any bright ideas.