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He Saw A Homeless Woman With A Cardboard Sign... So He Made Her An AMAZING Offer.

Mayor Richard J. Berry of Albuquerque is helping solve multiple problems with a city campaign called There’s a Better Way. Launched in May 2015, the campaign offers panhandlers the opportunity to earn money through a day’s work and more fortunate members of the community the chance to give more than a dollar bill.

The program is run by Father Rusty of St. Martin’s Hospitality Center and security and van driver William Cole, among others. Cole simply drives around looking for panhandlers and stops to ask if they would like to work for the day. The answer is usually an emotional and grateful, “Yes.”

Duties typically consist of beautification projects around the city such as pulling weeds and collecting rubbish.

“There’s a better way than standing on the street corner asking for money. There’s a better way than handing five dollars out of your window,” Mayor Berry states in the video below.

“The better way is to give people the dignity of work, let them beautify their city, and get them connected to services so they could get back on their feet.”

See the campaign in action below:

Instead of giving citations to homeless people for panhandling, Albuquerque is giving them money for their work, and this new initiative is helping. (via Mayor Richard J. Berry)

Posted by Upworthy on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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