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By Huong Ngo

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23 Best Friend Tattoos That You’ll Actually Want To Get.

A true best friend stays with you forever until the end of time, just like a tattoo. So what better way to represent and symbolize your dynamic friendship than with matching tattoos?

When a pair or group of people get matching tattoos, they have various options. They can either get the same exact tattoo or similar tattoos that all pertain the same theme. They can also either all get the tattoo on the exact same body location or put the tattoo in differing locations. Matching tattoos don't have to be exactly the same, they just need to have similarities.

Look at some of the tattoos below for inspiration! They can be anything that represents something valuable in your friendship like a mutual geeky love for Star Wars or something general like a triangle that symbolizes a strong foundation.

A pinky promise that will last for eternity. This is a permanent promise that you'll be friends to the very end.

For the best friends who love Halloween season, horror films, haunted houses, and scary stories! For the best ghoul friends!

If you and your friend are Star Wars fanatics and want something not too big, mini light sabers make for a perfect matching tattoo! One can be a blue and the other can be red or you both can be the same color!

Who says best friends are limited to two individuals? If you have a group of 3 or more, try getting variations of a tattoo like these three dinosaurs!

When you and your best friend just received your acceptance letters into Hogwarts and apparently both have a thing for the infamous Harry Potter.

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