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Best Friends Send ‘Fabulous’ Vacation Video To Parents Who Think They’re Gay.

In an era of "Love is love," you can't blame your family when they suspect that your bromance may be, well, something else. Travis Henning's parents thought that he might be gay because he'd been spending a lot of time with his best friend, Adam, and he responded with a video of their recent trip to Thailand.

Henning posted the video on YouTube with the title "Just Friends." The caption reads, ‘Our families say we’re too close, but we say otherwise!"

The video went viral after being posted to reddit, and so far, it has reached over 2 million views. In just a minute, they managed to capture some interesting highlights, including their plane ride and an intimate shower scene.

The footage proves that girls aren't the only ones who can have besties. Viewers, however, aren't too sure that they've eased anyone's concerns.

Here are photos and the video clip. Let us know what you think of these BFFs.

Travis Henning and his best friend, Adam, took a trip to Thailand.

Two buddies going on a trip abroad? No big deal, right? Well, their families were thinking that they two were too close to be just friends. So, they decided to "ease their concerns" with a video.

Henning posted the video on YouTube, and it had honeymoon written all over it.

The two shared intimate moments, like this one where they are sharing a milkshake. Don't get us started on the way they look at each other (#RelationshipGoals).

Remember the #FollowMe couple? These two certainly do.

Here they are weaving through some beautiful greenery. They also went on a romantic boat ride! You can't deny the chemistry.

The pair have acquired thousands of new fans.

"Damn, I wish I had best friends like this so I could make sweet montages of our good times," one reddit user said. He added:

"You guys have room for a third? Specs below:

"-Similar age -Similar body fat to muscle ratio -Similar taste in fashion -More than ok with the use of physical affection (in public or not) -computer editing skills on par -avid rod Stewart fan."

Some fans poked lighthearted fun while others pointed to a darker possibility.

"The funny part is one of them is actually gay for the other, while the other thinks it's just an act," aznanimality wrote.

We didn't get an answer, but does it really matter? These two, friends or lovers, have something special.

Enjoy the full video below. You'll want to start recording your own memories, too!

Source: Travis Henning

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