By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Crazy Underground Garage In Japan Retrieves Bikes In Seconds… I Can’t Believe This Exists.

Japan is a place that easily delights and shocks tourists: Visiting the country can be like a neon, raging trip down Rainbow Road with a surprise around every turn. This is a country where the Kit-Kats are flavored like green tea, the vending machines often sell eggs, and the toilets are basically robots (just to name a few of its oddities).

Is it any surprise, then, that the Japanese have taken something as mundane as a bicycle commute to a whole new level? Check out how efficient this is - your mind will be blown!

Underground bicycle parking garages have been around in Japan for quite awhile, but they are just now starting to get some international attention. For a rental fee of about $15 USD per month, cyclists can swipe a card and insert their bikes into an elevator shaft. The elevator carries the bikes underground and stores them for the day. This particular garage can house 204 bikes - but there are plenty around, especially in major cities like Tokyo and Osaka. The inception of these garages came as a response to lack of parking lot space in Japan's crowded cosmopolitan areas: Smart commuters can simply stash their bikes underground until it's time to bike back home again!

Want to learn more about these subterranean solutions? Check out the developer's website!

Source: Danny Choo