He Straps A GoPro To His Bike And Races A Taxi Across Chicago… Absolutely Terrifying.

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There's something special about riding your bike around a crowded, heavily-trafficked city. Riding on more open roads can be more relaxing (not to mention safer), but dodging the city's obstacles is another feeling entirely - it basically turns your daily commute into a fast-paced, somewhat dangerous game of timing and speed. In other words, it's amazing.

No one knows this better than Chicago's Nico Deportago Cabrera. He is one of the fastest bike messengers in the world, and he has been a messenger in Chicago for over seven years.

"The city kind of becomes a living, breathing organism" said Cabrera. "All these streets are like veins and arteries. You start to notice the rhythm and timing of the sitting...and how long you can ride a set of greens before you hit a red light."

In this video, Cabrera takes the ultimate urban cyclist challenge - Can he actually get somewhere faster than a taxi? Watch the video to find out if he comes out on top.

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