By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Impossibly Big Dogs Playing With Children Will Make Your Heart Smile.

Children and dogs make the best of friends. There is an unspoken understanding between a child and a canine; they play, eat, run, and cuddle together. Their games never get dull or old. Dogs know to be gentle, to care and protect the kid while also having the best time.

For the boy or girl who is lucky enough to have a pup in their lives, they get a taste of what a real best friend is like. And the size of the dog is irrelevant when it comes to hanging out together.

Kids don’t seem to care or notice that their play buddy is four or five times bigger than them. Some adults may get nervous, even terrified around a large dog but to a kid that’s just his best friend you are looking at.

Photographer Andy Seliverstoff spent four months taking photos of children and big dogs hanging out together.

The photos are part of his new book, Little Kids and Their Big Dogs.

He shot all the photos in St. Petersburg, Russia, with the help of big breeds like Great Danes, St. Bernards, and Newfoundlands.

The 58-year-old photographer hopes to destigmatize the fear people have towards bigger breeds.

"We only took photos with dogs that have a stable mind and good temperament, as these dogs are open to bonding with both people and children," says Seliverstoff. "I'm just trying to achieve and convey the mutual contact between a child and their dog."

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