By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Woman Bravely Shared The ‘Ugly’ Reality Of Extreme Weight Loss.

It's that time of year when many begin to plan for their New Year's resolution. Some folks want to find a better job, travel more, get closer to their families, and read more books. Still, the most popular New Year's resolution, year after year, is losing weight.

It's easy to sign up at a gym or buy a couple DVD's of workout videos but many lose their interest and momentum in just a couple of weeks. Those that remain focused and persevere despite the hurdles, see positive results within a couple of months.

Still, as much as we love to watch weight loss stories and cheer at the success of complete strangers, there is something many of us don't realize. The bigger the weight lost, the more excessive skin the person has to deal with.

This woman posted to Imgur with the name Hurleyyy831. She shared how two years ago she weighed 350 pounds.

The Florida woman lost 193 pounds in two years. She now weighs 162 pounds.

Still, she said there is something no one ever talks about. "Here it is, it's ugly but it's the reality of massive weight-loss. Loose skin," she posted.

Hurleyyy831 said she has excess skin mostly in her abdomen but it is also on her arms, and upper chest.

This is more than just a problem with aesthetics as "it causes back and skin problems."

She admits she has to dress differently. "I have to dress around my body instead of dressing the way I would like, there are certain things I can and cannot wear," she wrote.

The loose skin has affected her self confidence. Things we do everyday without any thought take time for her. "Loose skin changes what should be a 15 minute shower into a 30 minute because it needs its own care and drying or else it causes infections and other problems," she admits.

Still, she admits she does not regret her weight loss journey for anything in the world.

"I wouldn't change anything. I would take yards and yards of loose skin over being the unhealthy and depressed person I was 2 years ago," she posted. The woman hopes to tone her body as much as she can naturally and whatever is left she is saving money to have a surgery to remove the rest.

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