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People Share The Most Romantic Thing Their Partner Has Ever Done For Them.

If you let other people define romance for you, you'll end up feeling disappointed. Romance is different from person to person, and as you'll find in your own experience, grandeur isn't what everyone is after.

It also depends on where you're at in your relationship. In the beginning, you might have red roses on your mind, but as the months and years pass by, you might find the simple things to be the most tender.

Romance also depends on your love language. Gift giving may seem superficial to some people and necessary to others (and for those that speak this language, it's usually the gesture and thought involved in the process rather than the material).

Below you'll find some of the most romantic moments that women have ever experienced. The entries were submitted on sites such as Quora and reddit. Let us know if you can relate to any or comment if you have your own story to share — we'd love to read them!

#1. The Cinema, Right at Home

"I came home from work late one friday night to find my backyard set up like a personal outdoor movie theater; sheet/sail strung up between the trees; speakers perched in the tree limbs; projector set behind the lounge chairs; wine/champagne/popcorn in buckets; blankets on the chairs to snuggle under. A light breeze, a halo of stars and city lights - and a little bit of safe heaven by the flicker of the stuff that dreams are made of.

Good stuff."

[Quora - Marie Stein]

#2. Sleeping Beauty

"Every morning my husband wakes up super early, and every morning after he gets out of bed he pulls the blankets up around me and kisses me and whispers 'good morning my love' before he goes off to the shower. He thinks I don't know he does it, but I do."

[reddit - Nerobus]

Sleeping Beauty


#3. Worth the Distance

"I'm not sure if this was the sweetest ever but it was recent. I was flying back to my university town after going to my mom's for the holidays.

I came back almost a week before class so I could spend time with my SO but then he got a job interview and was going to have to be out of town the exact days I planned to spend with him.

I landed Tuesday evening and his flight was early Wednesday morning. He was living in a city three hours away from me but he drove down to meet me at the airport and then spend a little time with me. He drove six hours to spend two hours with me."

[reddit - ruta_skadi]

#4. Carried Like a Princess

"I have fibromyalgia. My boyfriend in incredibly sensitive and wonderful and is insanely helpful when I'm not feeling well.

We were at a football game. All the standing, walking, jumping, and cold weather took it's toll on me. I wasn't able to walk as we left the stadium. I kinda limped along, supported by him, and he kept asking if he could carry me or something. I hate feeling helpless like that, and I hate being a burden. But eventually I folded and he picked me up on his back and walked the last majority of a mile back to our car.

It really struck me at that moment how much he really cares for me, and how he doesn't resent me at all for my illness. That night he rubbed my ankles and legs and held me up in the shower. We cuddled and I cried, and he just rubbed my back and told me how much he loves me.

I dunno. It doesn't sound like a big deal but it was really amazing of him. He totally took care of me without even a second thought."

[reddit - p_iynx]

Carried Like a Princess

Lorimar Film Entertainment / Paramount Pictures

#5. A Sentimental Gift

"In the last couple of months, both of my husband's grandfathers passed away. Right before this Christmas he had to take an emergency flight to his home state help his family with final arrangements for his mother's father.

As the family took turns claiming items in the house, my husband found an old Smith-Corona typewriter. I am a writer and have been uninspired for years--he has been pushing me for a long time to get writing again.

So my husband's mother gave up one of her turns to claim an item so that my husband could get the typewriter for me. He brought it home, refurbished it somehow without me noticing in our tiny house, and gave it to me for Christmas. He did major work in a matter of days.

The typewriter turned out to have been a gift to his grandfather when he was eighteen as a graduation present in1947. The real beauty of the gift is my husband's insistence that I pursue what I'm good at, and, really significantly, that his family has enough faith in our relationship to bequeath me something really important. I feel so much a part of their family now, even though we've only been married just over a year.

And, since getting the typewriter, I have started a serious project that I think may go somewhere. It was by far the most romantic gift I've ever gotten."

[reddit - Ozma_of_Oz]

#6. A Journal To Get You Through the Hard Times

"Aside from the typical chocolate, flowers and tampons when I'm having my period, my SO keeps a journal that he fills with stories about me and our life together. Its the most beautiful thing in the world. He is a talented writer, which makes it all the more fascinating. Every time I read it, my whole body just melts."

[reddit - lulialyce]

#7. An Airport Movie Moment

"An ex boyfriend picked me up at the airport. I thought he was just going to wait at the curb like a normal person would do, but instead I came down the escalator and there he was at the bottoms with flowers. I felt like I was in a movie and the people around us clapped.one of the greatest moments ever."

[reddit - momTacocatmom]

An Airport Movie Moment

YouTube / Valerie Jane

#8. Never Snowed In

"I love small, everyday gestures rather than grand romantic ones.
In college I did a student teaching placement at which I was totally miserable. I got up early one morning and it had snowed a lot the night before. As I was getting ready and dreading going in to my placement, my ex left to go back to his place. When I got out to my car, he had cleared it off and shoveled it out for me. That he would do that without saying a word told me a lot."


Never Snowed In


#9. The Sweetest Surprise

"I met my hubby when we were both deployed overseas. The chow hall at our camp had this AMAZING chocolate cake that they served every few weeks. On my birthday he got me a WHOLE chocolate cake, and had somehow found frosting and wrote "Happy Birthday SunShinesForMe".

It doesn't sound like much, but I can't really emphasize enough how that is not something that you can just go grab at the store.

On another birthday, I was out of town for training for a few months. We have two kids (one mine, one ours) and since I wasn't home and they couldn't visit, they called me on video chat. The kids had baked a cookie in their Easy Bake Oven, put a candle in it, then they all sang me 'happy birthday'. The kids split the cookie :)

Most people who meet while deployed don't stay together much more than just the deployment. I lucked out and found a keeper :)"

[reddit - SunShinesForMe]

#10. It's All in the Paper

"He changed the direction of the toilet paper rolls in his house to fit my preference."

[reddit - turkoizdog]

It's All in the Paper

#11. Romance in the Shower

"On my birthday, right at midnight, my boyfriend and I got sexy for like an hour, then we hopped in the shower. We stood under the hot water and he held me close and sang happy birthday to me really softly in my ear. It made me tear up. I was so happy :)."

[reddit - katamaranda]

Romance in the Shower

Nick Jonas

#12. He Cleans Up Well

"My boyfriend once scrubbed the toilet after he took a shit."

[reddit - iamthewallrus]

He Cleans Up Well

American Broadcasting Company

#13. Homemade Heaven

"Last night, I came home to find my boyfriend of almost 4 years had prepared a candlelit dinner for us. Complete with flowers and wine. He had cooked all day and made everything from scratch! No one has ever done anything like that for me before. He's a definitely a keeper!"

[reddit - bag-o-kittens]

#14. A Single White Rose

"Back when we were just roommates (but falling for eachother) my SO would walk home from work and stop at the candy store on the way to pick me up red tootsie pops and caramel apple suckers, because he knew they were my favorite. That was sweet on its own, but what he did on our first Valentines Day together was even sweeter.

He made me close my eyes while he got my gift. As my eyes were closed he told me the story of how on Valentines Day every year his dad would get his mom one dozen red roses, and when my boyfriend was born his dad started buying her one dozen roses plus a single white rose which was meant to be from my boyfriend. That was their family's Valentines tradition.

He tells me how he called his parents and asked them if it would be okay if he extended that tradition with me, to which they enthusiastically agreed as they saw me as part of their family now.

Anyway, he tells me that story and tells me to open my eyes. I find him holding a "bouquet" of red tootsie pops and caramel apple suckers for the leaves, all tied together with a pretty bow, and a single white rose in the middle.

I have never been the romantic type, but I guess when you're really in love with somebody that sappy stuff starts to make sense, because I was definitely awww-ing."

[reddit - TheRipsawHiatus]

#15. Draw Me Close

"Sometimes in our relationship, I get a bit insecure about other prettier/more beautiful women possibly catching his eye. I've told him about these insecurities (which stem from nowhere; he's incredibly loyal and loving). Watching movies with the stereotypical 'hot babe in a bikini/nakedly sexing up the male character' scenes would make me really uncomfortable and unhappy to watch with him.

Ever since I mentioned it, during those scenes, he will turn to me and hold my face in his hands. Then he says such sweet and beautiful things like, 'I don't need to see that when I have the most beautiful woman right here beside me.'

He makes me so happy I could just cry about it."

[reddit - thatskyegirl]

#16. The Strength Necklace

"I have a pretty large scar across my neck from cancer treatments that I'm a bit self conscious of. I was trying to find a necklace to wear to hide it and my SO walked over, took the necklace out of my hands, turned me around and said 'From the moment I first saw you I knew you were the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. That scar is a reminder of how strong, and amazing and beautiful you are. Never hide that.'"

#17. Puzzle Perfect

"My now husband surprised me on Christmas Eve morning with a puzzle. He's a brilliant photographer and he had cut up my favourite picture that he's taken - and turned it into a huge puzzle. The whole thing was in black and white so it took me most of the morning.

I love puzzles a lot so this was a great way to spend Christmas for me.
We had been engaged for 6 1/2 years up until that point and the hope of marriage had sort of slipped away from me, I knew he wasn't too interested in the idea at all because he had bad experience from his parents divorce. I was content in our relationship and didn't push the subject once all our years together.

Then we had our beautiful son a year ago and unbeknownst to me, my boyfriend had changed his mind.

So on this puzzle, hidden amongst white (written with alight pen) were the words:

"Will you marry me?"

14th of July we held a small ceremony and garden party for our closest and I am now a very proud and in love wife."

[reddit - viramola]

#18. A Golden Farewell

"The time had come for me to put my 11 year old golden retriever to sleep. I had him since I was 14 and the two of us saw some shit together.

When the day came, I just couldn't let him go, and I couldn't handle even being in the room. I also knew I couldn't let him go alone.

My boyfriend at the time (now husband) told me through my sobbing that he would go. He gently picked up my dog and carried him into the vet's office. When he came out, he was carrying his leash and blanket and had tears streaming down his face. I had never seen him cry before. He took my burden and carried it for me. I will never forget that."

[reddit - EvilShannanigans]

Source: reddit / AskWomen

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