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By Camila Villafañe

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Gigantic Rescue Pig Thinks He's A Dog.

When you think of a pet, you imagine a dog, a cat, or even a fish in a bowl. But when you think of a pig, all sorts of things flood your mind, like a pig playing in his own poop in some farm, or the bacon you had for breakfast this morning. But you'd never consider a pig as a household pet. Just imagine all the trouble it can get into and the things it could wind up breaking. Also, if you have dogs at home, you assume that they wouldn't get along with a living breathing piece of bacon. But you're way off! Just one large pig named Chowder, who isn't just BFFs with 5 dogs; he's part of their pack too.

This is Chowder, and as you might imagine, he was not meant to lead a long life in this world.

A woman named Shelby Madere has been fighting for animal rights, particularly against an Aurora Cooperative Factory in Brazil, so that they stop mutilating and confining pigs, like Chowder, whom she rescued.

Chowder may be the only pig in Shelby's home, but he's got plenty of friends to keep him company.

The pig has a family that consists of five dogs that range in breed and sizes from a small Pomeranian mix to a larger dog, which happens to be the German Shepherd, and they all get along just fine in this mixed family.

People in general assume that dogs and cats are the only ones capable of giving us love.

If Chowder has proven anything it's that pigs, like other animals, are capable of spreading a lot of love, especially when you rescue them from a life of torture, like Shelby did. Now, Chowder is part of a doggy pack, and they're inseparable.

After being rescued, the pig was raised among the ranks of five dogs, hence why they're so close.

His canine siblings love to cuddle, take a walk, and just hang around the living room or the patio in the backyard. Obviously, this diverse family loves each other very much and is happy to look after one another.

Oddly enough, both the pig and his doggy sibling appear to have two lovely smiles on their faces.

Maybe it's the fact that Shelby's patio is so nice and neat, or maybe they love the way the warm floor feels on their paws and hooves. Or, maybe they just wanted to work on their tan. But the little pooch wouldn't dare bring up the smell of bacon in front of Chowder.

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