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By Camila Villafañe

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Gigantic Rescue Pig Thinks He's A Dog.

Shelby uses social media to spread the love and her cause to help animals like Chowder.

Aside from sharing how awesome Chowder and his pooch siblings get along on Instagram, Shelby has shared a petition on to get Grupo Pao de Acucar in Brazil from buying Aurora products, the factory that mutilates and tortures baby pigs.

Sure, they're looking all nice and innocent in this photo, but one of them is up to something.

These pooches are probably trying to keep their human, Shelby distracted by looking all adorbs, while Chowder is getting ready to have a blast rolling around in the dirt, and probably wrecking Shelby's garden in the process.

When it comes to spending quality time, Chowder has no favorites among his adopted family of dogs.

He'll hang out with all of his adoptive siblings from the big pooches to the small ones. In fact, sometimes, one of the dogs will notice Chowder doing something and will walk next to him and try and do the same, like investigate what that thing is on the ground.

Shelby claims that pigs are "incredibly intelligent and social animals" who shouldn't be confined.

Had Chowder remained in in the Aurora farm in Brazil, he would have undoubtedly remained confined, which would have led to "repeatedly bite the bars" of his cage, "a sign of serious mental collapse." Fortunately, she spared him from that horror.

When Shelby had first adopted Chowder, he was nothing more than a little piglet, who would grow.

In most cases, people buy piglets because they assume they'll stay small and cute forever, but as soon as they grow, they're ill-prepared to handle a fully-grown pig running around the house. But Shelby will never turn her back on Chowder and neither will his doggy siblings.

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