By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

‘Bikinis Through History’ Video Shows How Much Swimsuits Have Changed.

What kind of bathing suit do you feel most comfortable wearing at the beach? Perhaps you provide the full-coverage, comfortable one-piece: After all, there's no risk that the bottoms will fall off when you hit a wave. Maybe you're the kind of gal who like a two-piece, either a string bikini or an awesome, vintage high-waisted look. Luckily, swimwear has gotten more diverse and expansive than ever - there's a swimsuit for basically every style and aesthetic.

But what about swimsuits throughout history? What did they look like? Unsurprisingly, styles from previous decades provided a lot less options and a lot more coverage. This look at swimsuits and bikinis through the decades might surprise you - it also might make you miss the 90's, because high-cut bikinis rocked.

Next, take a look at fashion from an old 1990 JC Penny catalog.

Source: Melisa Vanes