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Donut Shop Owner Had Lousy Grand Opening, But His Son's Tweet Changed Everything.

Choosing to open your own business is a huge step for anyone to take. Not only do you have to think about finding the right property and making enough money, but you also have to think about marketing your entire company. When this new donut shop owner was feeling sad because no one was showing up for his opening day, his son took it upon himself to do something to help. And the results were better than anyone could have ever expected!

Opening Day

It was Saturday, March 9th and Satharith By was opening the doors of his donut shop for the very first time. Satharith had put all of his hard work into the grand opening, but unfortunately, it wasn’t turning out as he had hoped. With each passing minute, Satharith was feeling more and more disappointed.

Sad Dad

The donut shop should have been filled with customers, it was their opening day, but it seemed like they wouldn’t be receiving any new customers at all. Billy, Satharith’s son, was there to help out his dad for the shop’s big day. Just like his dad, Billy had been looking forward to it for quite some time. In fact, he was the reason why the shop was named Billy’s Donuts.

Turning To Twitter

Billy couldn’t stand seeing his dad sad, so he decided to turn to Twitter for some help. Billy logged into the donut shop’s Twitter account and made a tweet that would appeal to donut lovers all over the world. “My dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop,” wrote Billy, and then he included a picture of his dad and the address for Billy’s Donuts.

Thousands Of ReTweets

Billy sent out the tweet on March 9th, but there was no guarantee that anyone would show up. Little did he know at the time, over 350,000 people would retweet his post, and it would be liked over 700,000 times! Satharith had put everything he had into his donuts and all he wanted to do was share them with others. People from all over the world were sharing the tweet in hopes of helping the donut shop keeper, and eventually, it worked.

A Better Sunday

The donut shop’s opening day wasn’t exactly a success, but thanks to Billy’s tweet, Sunday would prove to be much better. On Saturday evening, Billy made sure to warn his dad that he needed to “make a lot of donuts.” Despite the lack of customers on the first day, Satharith listened to his son and made plenty of donuts for the next day. It was lucky that he did, too, because he definitely needed them.

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