By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Robert Downey Jr. Proves He’s Awesome By Gifting This Kid A Bionic Arm.

Albert Manero wanted to come up with a revolutionary idea, one that could potentially change the world. Then, Manero met a little boy named Alex, who was born with a partially formed right arm. Manero wanted to do something special for Alex, so he decided to create a unique gift for him - and enlisted the help of someone special to make Alex feel like a superhero.

Together with his organization, Limbitless Solutions, Manero has dedicated himself to providing affordable, prosthetic limb options for people in need. Alex received a prosthetic arm from Manero last year, but was recently given an extra-epically-awesome appendage. Manero designed Alex an Iron Man bionic arm, and presented it to Alex with the help of Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.

Downey even put on his original Iron Man arm to show Alex how similar it is, and you can see the excitement in Alex's eyes as he realizes that he's got the real thing. This video is certainly full of real-life heroes, and it's making us feel pretty super.

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Source: Officevideos