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20 Animals Who Were Given A New Lease Of Life By Bionic Science.

Animals with broken or missing limbs can still live a happy and active life with the help of prosthetic limbs. Here are 20 examples.

#1. Macho the Indian horse

They found Macho severely hurt on the side of the road in India. His rescuers were able to replace his mangled leg with a prosthetic one. He might not be able to gallup like a powerful stallion, but he's able to move around and enjoy life for a while longer.

#2. Chris P. Bacon the piglet

This adorable little piggy was born without his two hind legs. His owner, Len Lucero, built a tiny custom wheelchair with Kinex toys. The young kids in wheelchairs at the children's hospitals saw Chris as a huge inspiration, and he became a star overnight.

#3. Bunker the sandhill crane

Bunker was walking through a golf course when his leg was shattered by a golf ball. The first prosthetic leg he had fitted failed. The second was created by Orthopets in Denver, Colorado, and this time it worked. Hopefully, he'll grow strong enough to survive in the wild on his own again.

#4. Beauty the American bald eagle

Beauty lost a huge part of her beak to poachers. Thankfully, she survived and was rescued in time to have a new beak created for her. Kinetic Engineering Group created a 3-D printed peak that fit her perfectly. Now she can eat, drink, and clean herself again.

#5. Meadow the calf

When they found Meadow she had terrible frostbite on her hind legs and ears. Nancy Dickenson saved her and bought prosthetic hind legs for her. Dr. Robert Callan, the vet who installed them, was surprised to find out he was doing this expensive procedure for an animal he'd normal be eating. Nancy considers little Meadow part of the family, so she felt it was worth it.

#6. Yu Chan the turtle

Normally marine life meet their demise when they're caught in a fishing net, but Yu Chan the loggerhead turtle was actually saved by one. They noticed her front fins were gone, probably eaten by a shark. After many tries, Kawamura Gishi made her the perfect pair of prosthetic flippers. Yu Chan lives happily at the Suma Aqualife Park in Japan.

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