By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

20 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas, #6 Will DEFINITELY Attract Birds To Your Yard.

Do you take great pleasure in observing the wildlife in your backyard? If you love hanging out by the window and checking out the birds, you might want to consider figuring out how to lure them there. After all, if the birds know that they have a place to eat and bathe, they'll almost certainly come out in droves for your viewing pleasure.

The only trouble is that bird feeders and bird baths can be quite expensive, and not everyone has that kind of budget for their bird watching. Luckily, there are also plenty of DIY projects you can do to create your own birdbaths and feeders. We've compiled 20 of those projects below - #19 is incredibly clever.

#1. Repurpose an old candlestick and pot lid and turn them into a birdbath.

#2. A chandelier makes an excellent - and awesome-looking - bird feeder.

#3. Or, you can upcycle a vase and a plate to create a birdbath.

#4. A glass bottle and copper wire can easily turn into a cute bird feeder.

#5. This birdbath is made of a stack of terracotta points, topped with a large saucer.

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