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By Krista Miranda

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Man Rescues Hummingbird Trapped In Spiderweb And Then Gives Him A Bath.

Earth is full of all types of amazing creatures. It's our job, as humans, to make sure that the animals we share this planet with are protected and healthy. It's important to help out our furry friends whenever we can, especially when we see that they are in danger. I see videos all of the time of humans that go out of their way to help an animal in need. People that do these things are true heroes, in my opinion. Steve Hill recently crossed paths with a tiny creature that needed his help, and he didn't hesitate for a second to put on his hero cape and get to work.

It was just an ordinary morning in Lilburn, Georgia, for Steve Hill.

He stepped outside and saw something that caught his eye. A tiny hummingbird was suspended in the air!

Steve got closer to the tiny bird to see what was causing him to stay still.

When he got to the little bird, he realized he was stuck in a spider's web. The hummingbird had nectar all over his wings, and wasn't moving.

Steve reacted quickly, and removed him from the spider's deadly trap.

The hummingbird was covered in his own nectar and the sticky webbing that the spider had left for its victims. Steve took him into his home to clean him off.

He brought the hummingbird to his sink and began meticulously picking off all of the sticky substances.

He put the bird under that water to make sure he was thoroughly clean. After only five minutes, the hummingbird was all better, and able to fly away!

The hummingbird was extremely grateful that Steve saved his life.

The little bird and his friends started flying all around Steve, as if to say thanks. It looks like Steve has some new friends that will be coming by to eat out of his feeders from now on.

It just takes a little bit of time and some love to make a difference in the life of another!

Source: Steve Hill / Facebook