By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Winners Of 2017’s Birth Photo Contest Capture The Beauty Of Life.

Giving birth is one of the most memorable, painful, and emotion-filled moments of a mother and father's life. It is true when women tell you that as soon as you see your newborn's face and hold him in your arms, all the physical pain suddenly disappears. You are in this time warp where the world around you is moving at super speed while the moment of birth goes into slow motion.

It's no wonder parents want to share that moment through the power of photography. Photographers are not looking for the perfect smile or posed images, they want to capture the nitty-gritty moments, the blood and sweat, courage, and often long hours it took to bring life into this world.

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers have revealed the winners of the 2017 Image of the Year Competition. The judges selected the best photos based on technicality, emotionality, and composition.

First Place Winner: Road To Deliverance

Honorable Mentions: Before The First Breath

Best In Category: Postpartum, Straight From Heaven

Best In Category: Delivery, With A Splash

Best In Category: Birth Details, Pieces Of Me

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